Eric J. Dionne is the Founder of The International Cryptozoology Establishment, better known as
I.C.E.. Eric is also the Co-Founder of S.E.P.I.A. a paranormal investigative group, and the Host of
SEPIA RVP Radio on Planet Paranormal . Eric has always been interested in Cryptozoology and
Mythology from a very young age. It wasn't until recently with the forming of SEPIA that Eric was able
to take that step forward and create I.C.E.. One of Eric's favorite Cryptids is the New Jersey Devil, he
has always been fascinated with it since around the age of 6 when his grandma would tell him stories
about the creature. There was even a time that his grandma would threaten that the NJ Devil would
come get him if he didn't start acting right. It was Jessica Dionne, Eric's wife that recently pushed Eric
to start I.C.E.. Jessica is the Founder of SEPIA and that's her passion. Even though Eric is
Co-Founder of SEPIA his heart is still for the Cryptid side of things and it;s ties with the unknown. He
has had many paranormal encounters over his life span and even to this day some can not be
explained."I can feel the rush of energy in my body when something happens, now imagine the rush if
it's a living creature" Eric says. Eric has learned a lot of techniques and strategies since working with
his wife Jessica in SEPIA, and believes they can be put to the test in the Cryptozoology Field as well.
Eric is also a big fan of SyFy's Destination Truth or as it's known in the UK Monster Hunter, featuring
Josh Gates. One day he would like to meet Josh Gates in person and ask him numerous questions
about what it is he does.Eric is also currently the Producer of Supernatural Encounters with Host
Nathan Levin and Mama Lisa, and to date produces Chris Dedman's :Dead time Radio both on the
Para-x Radio Network. When Eric's not out Ghost Hunting with SEPIA, or Searching for Hidden
Creatures with ICE, or even hosting SEPIA RVP Radio or one of the many other shows he does he
enjoys watching movies of the Horror or Sci-Fi Genre, and spending time with his family and friends.
One of Eric's favorite things to do is to scare people when they least expect it and to date he has
pulled off some major scares. When it comes to world travel Eric one day hopes to travel over the
pond to Australia, Egypt,and Russia. What lays ahead of Eric Dionne no one may ever truly know. Eric
recently obtained his Level 1 Reiki Attunement and hopes to one day excel to Level III.
Eric has done many other things over his lifetime as well. He has studied Goju-Shorin under his
Father Joseph R. Dionne, Shaolin Kung-fu & Wushu under Master Bill Frost,has served in the United
States Navy as an Aviation Electronics Tech with a specialty in Calibration, had poems published,
and is an Artist on the side.
Eric can be reached at
How to Contact I.C.E.
I.C.E.- International Cryptozoology Establishment can be reach at any of the following email addresses
I.C.E. - Founder - Eric J. Dionne
I was born in Vernal, UT, But (basically) raised in Northeast P.A. My interest in the paranormal goes back as
far as I can remember. I don't believe I was even in Kindergarten when i first began begging my parents to
watch horror movies. By 3rd grade I was reading Stephen King. I don't know if it was the early exposure to
scary stories or my sensitivity that created the intense fear I felt but I was petrified of "Ghosts" until my
early/mid teens. (Although I still watched every paranormal based movie and read every book I could get my
hands on!) By about 14, I was going to cemeteries and abandoned buildings to "challenge" my fear. When I
moved to NC, I began to do more research on the Paranormal. From there, I started researching history on
many local places, worked with another group, and eventually started my own group (SEPIA) with my husband Eric.
The paranormal is a passion for me; I believe it always will be. Other than the paranormal, I am also a Psychology
Buff, love to ride horses, love animals, my family, music, friends, and history.
I.C.E.- Co-Founder- Jessica
Chairman/Director of North Carolina and
South Carolina and Virgina  District of NAFS
Eric J. Dionne
Founder of ICE
Co-Founder of SEPIA
Investigator in Training / Psychic Intuitive / ICE Team Member

My name is Tiffany-Renae. Ever since childhood, I've had a keen eye on
the paranormal side. Growing up in a southern-baptist community, it
wasn't accepted. However, I couldn't stop my communication with spirits.
It was something that I used to not like so much, considering how most
people are skeptics, and I was misjudged. Looking at where I am at now,
I am thankful that I kept choosing to listen. It feels amazing to assist
people who reached out for help. Through the years, I have broadened
my horizons through paranormal investigations, readings, crystals, etc.
The spirit realm is there; we just have to be willing to be patient, still, and
listen. Tiffany-Renae's hobbies are crafting, painting, writing, as well as
poetry and reading wide range of literature
Tiffany's Email
      Investigator in Training / ICE Team Member

My name is Derek, i'm 25 years old originally from Saratoga Springs,
New York. I have had a lifelong interest in creatures that are assumed
to be non-existent, and am looking forward to participating in field
investigations. I love historic places, and have been to a few myself.

Derek's Email
                  Investigator / ICE Team Member

Paranormal Sarah has a BA/BA Psychology/Criminology and minor in
Sociology from Columbia College at UM. Certified as a hypnotherapist and
continuing education for neurolinguistic programming, energy techniques
and hypnotherapy regressions pertaining to parapsychology including past
life regressions and alien abduction therapy. Traditionally trained in holistic
forms of therapy and a born psychic intuitive. Currently enrolled to attend
Atlantic University in VA for their upcoming Parapsychology Masters
Degree program in fall of 2011 and completing the University of Edinburgh’s
Parapsychology certification in Scotland. She has investigated paranormal
phenomenon in over ten countries and is dedicated to bridging the gap
between science and spirituality through her research and education. She is
a published author, lecturer, model, spokesperson and photographer and is
proud to assist in cryptozoology and ufology fields.
Sarah's Email
Danny August Mason is an actor and entertainer out of the Twin Cities area who is excited to share his passion with the
world in many ways. At the early age of 7 years old, Danny began to model, act and steal the spotlight. Now at the age of
29, he has graduated with honors in Film/Theater with a minor in History from the University of Kansas and has starred in
many commercials, short films and features. A 2009 Short Film, 'Moonlighting' was a nominee of Sundance and won
"Best Minnesota Short 2010" and was nominated for Best Actor.  Aside from exercising his role as an actor he also
dedicates much of his life to martial arts and has studied over nine different forms though focusing on Jeet-Kune-Do and
Kung Fu. He is not only a student, instructor and trainer of martial arts but also is a martial arts-combat soldier for
B.E.A.T. The Bullet Exchange Actors Training Program is a hands-on action combat training program that teaches actors
and filmmakers how to master a real fight scene. Danny August Mason has a unique ability to transform energy into
growth and enlightenment and enjoys sharing his passion with others in the field, perhaps that is also why he is a
seasoned paranormal investigator.

In 2009, Danny August Mason made it appoint to take his training and education to a whole new level and began to use
his experience and knowledge to ignite passion within people in many political ways as well. Being a board member of
the Out Twin Cities Film Festival as well as a member of Minnesota Change, Danny also integrates his paranormal
lectures with freedom fighting mentalities. He is a published writer on topics within Conspiracy Theories and is a state
representative for BLACK ICE : SEPIA Cryptozoology expeditions.

Danny August Mason can be seen teaching lectures on the roles of energy in the paranormal, on set around the nation
or transforming the streets of Minneapolis into a more raw way for art students to exercise their craft. Taking his film
degree, passion and experience to a whole new level, Danny Mason has plans to not only work on major motion pictures
to inspire other actors and to tell stories to an audience for all eternity but to also warp the pollution within the film
making industry. To take things out of the studio, onto the streets and to give an actor a chance to challenge his

Danny August Mason
Investigator / ICE Team Member

I was raised in Florida, just a short drive away from St. Augustine. My uncle lives
there and I often visited. The rich ghost activity and history surrounding it was
probably my first exposure to the paranormal. Wanting to know more, I gathered
any information I could find. This pursuit led me to cryptozoology. In college I
studied a variety of subjects including anthropology and psychology. I also
worked intensively in a neuroscience laboratory. With knowledge in laboratory,
biological, and social sciences, I seek to apply this experience in paranormal
research. My belief is that the appropriate approach to any research is
multidisciplinary and paranormal research is no exception. I've been interested in
paranormal phenomenon as far back as I can remember. I remember watching the
X-files with my father and how it quickly became one of my favorite shows. My
biggest issue is becoming bored too easily. Because of this, I'm an avid
researcher, writer, reader, artist, and console gamer.